Is Cinderella a Feminist?

Could it be that Cinderella
Is a Feminist??
Not the Disney Cinderella
but the Brothers Grimm Cinderella…
You know,
the one where the Sisters cut off their toe to fit into the slipper
And Cinderella runs away from the Ball three times
And the Prince puts tar on the stairs finally to stop her.

How does Cinderella go from
a dreamy “A Dream Is A Wish…”
to an assertive
Hint: She’s a Feminist!

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Mark BaumannComment
Waiting at the Crossroads

Dear Wise One,
Your deep Wisdom Self, 
your True Self,
within you, 
is given to you
to guide your life. 

This guidance is called Discernment. 
Discernment is different from making choices
about things and actions in your life
where you list the pros and cons
and make a choice.

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Sandra LoganComment
Why Sophia?

Why Sophia?
Why is it important to light up
the beauty and goodness of your feminine soul?
to paraphrase the words of a true wise woman,
Helen Luke
Until the Feminine Spirit is fully experienced as
separate and of equal value
by the individual and by the world
it cannot engage as an equal partner in the world.

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Sandra Logan
Listen to Your Heart

Sophia’s Way
is the Way of the Heart
which is the intentional act of
bringing the mind down into the heart
and looking out from the heart
at the situation you are facing.

That ‘Way’ has been described for centuries
by spiritual guides through the ages.
Recently, in the past decade,
Science has started speaking about this
Way of the Heart.

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Sandra LoganComment
Sophia's Time

Dear Wise One,

Sophia’s Spirit is present throughout all of a woman’s life.
But if I had to choose one time She makes a full-court press
into a woman’s consciousness
I would say it’s between the ages of fifteen to twenty-five.
Those years are a sacred time in a young woman’s life.

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Sandra LoganComment

“We left the camp singing.”

Dear Wise One,
Those are last written words
of a real-life Sophia 
Etty Hillesum
as she was driven out of all security
into Auschwitz and her death.

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Sandra LoganComment
What Is Sophia's Way?

Dear Wise One,
Sophia’s Way is The Way of the Heart.
The Way of the Heart
is bringing the
Mind into the Heart
for discernment then consulting the
Body’s Wisdom
to either validate or modify the discernment.  

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Sandra LoganComment
Who Is Sophia?

You have known Sophia all your days.
I know it might be confusing to hear
that you know Sophia
yet you feel you have no knowledge of Her.

It isn’t a matter of knowledge.
It is a matter of recognition…
sometimes, a matter of remembrance.

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Sandra LoganComment

Dear Wise One,
This Website is an invitation
to explore the Wisdom within you;
an offer to journey with you
as you discern and strengthen
that Wisdom
and bring it as a Light
into the world
and your life.

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Sandra Logan Comment