What Is Sophia's Way?


Dear Wise One,

Sophia’s Way is The Way of the Heart.

The Way of the Heart

is bringing the

Mind into the Heart

for discernment then consulting the

Body’s Wisdom

to either validate or modify the discernment.  

So Sophia’s Way

is a three-part process,

a trinity.


I suggested in the last post that

your Essence, your True Self, 

your Wise Woman

is your Pearl of Great Price.

Your Wise Woman is both

who you are in essence as well as your

guide to becoming who you are created to be.


If you were given a priceless pearl, 

I imagine you would protect it and take care of it.

The way of protecting the most priceless thing in your life,

Your Self,

is taking care of your Heart, Mind, and Body.


To protect your Heart,

if you listen deeply to your Wisdom Self,

very likely you will feel or hear whisperings and urgings

to claim your authority to be your unique self;

to acknowledge and own your priceless worth;

to nurture your heart with healthy, positive,

mutual relationships.


Here the Body can help the heart:

Ask questions. Look deeply and clearly into your heart

and into the hearts of others.

Pay attention to any gut feeling of uneasiness.

Notice discomfort around your

physical heart or shoulders, headache or irregular  breathing.

Stop. Be Still. Be Quiet.

Ask your body what it is your body is trying to tell your heart.

You may have to wait for clarity to arise before making a decision

but remove yourself from a negative situation while you wait.


Protect your body

by honoring its integrity, its sovereignty.

You hold sole ownership of your body.

It is for no one else. 

Your body is for you and your choices.

Your body also is your “little animal”

that needs your care for its physical health and well-being.

Your body is dependent on you

and is the vehicle through which your robust life can happen.


Protect your mind

by feeding it


the challenge of deep thinking and continual learning,

and richness of

fun, laughter, imagination,

curiosity, dreams, goals. 


Protection and nurture of your

Heart, Mind, Body

are of great importance in manifesting

your True Self in the world…

so that you can become the person you are created to be

and so that you can have a deep and rewarding life.


You are one of a kind. 

A priceless pearl.

So, dear Wise One,

I encourage you to enjoy the deep wisdom inside you;

trust your deep inner wisdom.

Let your wisdom, your unique manifestation of Sophia,

guide you and  express who you are

through your beautiful life

that you create day by day.





Sandra LoganComment