Why Sophia?

Dear Wise One,

Why Sophia?

Why is it important to light up

the beauty and goodness of your feminine soul?


to paraphrase the words of a true wise woman,

Helen Luke  

Until the Feminine Spirit is fully experienced as 

separate and of equal value

by the individual and by the world 

it cannot engage as an equal partner in the world.

In the past centuries women 

have gone from being revered as

holy bearers-of-life 

to being desecrated in

body mind and spirit. 

The Feminine has been devalued,

mocked, held in contempt

even silenced.

This has made life desolate for women

and for the world with the loss

of its sense of the Sacred Feminine.

A correction of this is beginning to happen.

Modern perspectives are beginning to

take a more accepting stance toward 

the Eternal Feminine 

and Her values of 


receptivity, safety, inclusiveness,

mercy, compassion, reverence for life,

and birthing new life of every kind.

The 21st century has been named the

 "The Sophia Century"

by global visionary Lynne Twist.

Ms. Twist posits that the world now is at a 

level of maturity in which

the Feminine can become embraced 

and held in equal value.

The Feminine can strengthened

and take Her place 

as a co-equal partner in the world.

This shift has been

the work of Sophia

through women who have come to know and 

love Her and themselves.

By these incremental steps

the Divine Feminine is  again

coming more into the consciousness of the world

and has gained a foothold of respect and opportunity.

So it is divine work for you to come to know

your feminine soul, 

your own story, your own purpose.

It is Sophia’s work 

through you

 that you allow the world 

to learn about Her from

the beautiful, unique essence of you.

This is ‘Why Sophia’

You are the Way 

the Feminine will come into fullness

and full-partnership in the world

during this century.

Please join me in this dance

of wisdom and courage

and share your ideas of how 

you think we should proceed.



PS: Luke, Helen M. The Way of Woman: Awakening the Perennial Feminine. New York: Doubleday, 1995.

Lynne Twist, author of The Soul of Money. TED Talk about "The Sophia Century."




Sandra Logan