Is Cinderella a Feminist?

Photo by  Dakota Krupp  on  Unsplash

Could it be that Cinderella

Is a Feminist??

Not the Disney Cinderella

but the Brothers Grimm Cinderella…

You know,

the one where the Sisters cut off their toe to fit into the slipper

And Cinderella runs away from the Ball three times

And the Prince puts tar on the stairs finally to stop her.


How does Cinderella go from

a dreamy “A Dream Is A Wish…”

to an assertive


Hint: She’s a Feminist!


Consider the evidence:

She establishes trust in small steps.

She makes the Prince earn the privilege

to learn more about her and who she really is

by making him pursue her three times

and then search for her.


She set boundaries

by creating time and space

to consider her situation.

She protects herself

from being swept into doing

something she isn’t sure about.


She lets the Prince know her

a little at a time:

She left a clue…

Her shoe


She makes the Prince

come to her

on her own turf.


She appears in rags and ashes

to make sure she is accepted

and loved for what she really is

not for grandiosity or magic.


She doesn’t cut off parts

of herself to

fit in.


She claims her sovereignty.

Cinderella in Brothers Grimm

puts the slipper on her own foot.

She choses to put the shoe on.

She makes her own choice

about her life and her love.


What’s not to cheer here!!

Cinderella is a Champion!

And she shows you the steps

to the most important thing:

Claiming your Self

And loving who you are.



put on your own 

Gold Slippers,

dear Wise One,


Claim Your Crown!

That’s your own Sophia’s Way!



P.S. For reference: The Uses of Enchantment: The Meaning and Importance of Fairy Tales by Bruno Bettelheim. Vintage Books. 2010. 

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