Who Is Sophia?

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

Photo by Bekah Russom on Unsplash

Dear Wise One,

You have known Sophia all your days.
I know it might be confusing to hear
that you know Sophia
yet you feel you have no knowledge of Her.

It isn’t a matter of knowledge.
It is a matter of recognition…
sometimes, a matter of remembrance.

You have sensed Her
in your inspirations, in your aspirations
even in in your hesitations.
When you were a young child,
and delighted in the world of play and wonder
you naturally danced with Sophia;
you were naturally your Self.
Even now
When you stand with your hand over your mouth
in amazement, almost disbelief,
at the gift in front of you…
When you feel a deep acceptance with another person…
When in a shock of recognition you
identify a wrongness that has just happened…
all of these awarenesses
are your Wisdom-Self calling for your attention.
these are the signatures of

She is the beautiful
Feminine Spark
within you
that fuels all your gifts
that you have to offer
to the world.

Psychologists and Contemplatives call Her
your True Self
the Wise Woman within your psyche
who lovingly speaks and guides you through your
intuition, thoughts, images, dreams, bodily-knowing.

This Wise Woman
has appeared in many forms
throughout the history of humankind.
In Europe’s first civilizations,
from Ancient Crete to Celtic Ireland,
She was recognized and revered
as sacred and life-giving.

She appears in the Hindu myths
as Saraswati
The Hindu goddess of Wisdom.
In the Book of Proverbs of the Bible
She is named Wisdom,
who was God’s architect and delight
in creating the world.

In the Christian parables
She could be seen as the
Pearl of Great Price…

Indeed, knowing that your essence is
wise and good
and a part of the Divine Light on earth
a Pearl of Great Price!

Of course this doesn’t mean that
we are always wise and good in our actions.
But we are, in our deepest self,
wise and good
with gifts to offer the world.
We can learn from our mistakes and experiences
and continue to grow into our True Self.

But your deep True Self
is that priceless pearl, that Divine Wisdom,
which is both your Self and your guide.

This Wisdom Self,
seeks to guide you
and shine through you
as your unique expression
of the divine light in the world.

How that growth and progression
takes place is
We will be exploring that next.

Love to you,

Sandra LoganComment